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Staying Cool With The Fawnzie

Jacob KopenheferComment

I have not been up to much these last few weeks. I have been laying low because of the heat. When I say laying low I literally mean laying low. In the heat of the summer we deer spend our time bedding down in tall grass, hopefully by water if we can find it.

I wish I could take off this fur and slip into Little Fawn's Lizzie Ruffle Top and Norma Skirt. Lots of Little Fawn's clothing is perfect to beat the heat on these hot summer days. The best I can do is pant like a dog and wave my big old ears around and use them like a radiator (that’s a trick I learned from my friend rabbit).

Well I’m gonna stay here and nap in the shade, but you should head over to and check out the fashionable way to beat the heat this summer. They even have a new pant just perfect for those backyard BBQs coming up! I love BBQ’s! Well, I really just go for the salads.