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Spicing Up Your Summer Party

Jennifer RinggerComment

The first day of summer is fast approaching! That means warmer days and nights with family and friends. There’s no better way to celebrate the carefree days of summer than with a fun get-together. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite party ideas for you to try out this year.

1.    Chalk Up the Menu
Let your guests know what’s being served by displaying the menu in a creative way. Paint a tall piece of plywood with chalkboard paint for a larger-than-life menu board. Simply write what’s for dinner with chalk. 

2.    Use Popsicle Sticks to Label Condiments
Wooden craft sticks can add a whimsical look to the serving table, while also playing double duty by letting your guests know what condiments are available. Bonus: the sticks can also work as spreading utensils.

3.    Keep It Cool in the Kiddie Pool
You know those plastic kid pools? They can do more than just provide entertainment for your children. Fill one of these kiddie pools with ice to keep drinks and food cold. Keeping food cold is especially important once the temperatures start to rise. 

4.    Keep the Mosquitos Away
Nothing ruins a good time faster than pesky mosquitos biting your guests. Our tip? Use sage to keep the bugs away. Add sage to a fire pit or a warm grill (after you’re done cooking, of course) and the bugs and mosquitos will soon learn they are unwanted guests at your party.

5.    Add Some Light
With a little help, you can turn your Christmas lights in twinkly summer lights. Turn the lights from a holiday theme into a summer flowering theme by puncturing the bottom of a paper muffin cup in the center and placing one over each bulb. It’s like an instant flower garden!

Feel free to steal some of our favorite ideas to make your summer get-together a little more special.