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5 Ways to Make St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Family

Jennifer RinggerComment

The Luck of the Irish will be yours on March 17! Now is the time to make preparations to ensure you have a fun-filled day full of green and lucky charms. Check out these 5 fabulous ideas that will make this often-overlooked holiday a family favorite in no time.

1.       Enjoy Gold Oreo Coins. For a sweet treat that’s also themed for this lucky holiday, try making Oreo cookies into gold coins. All you need is a bag of cookies and edible gold spray paint. You can find the edible spray paint at most party stores. Simply paint the cookies gold and eat for a fun after-school snack.


2.       Let the Leprechaun Come Visit. Take some Rolos (gold coins) and hide them around the house or put a bit of green food coloring in the toilet bowl. Your kids will get a kick out of thinking a leprechaun came to visit in the night. You could also put green food coloring in your kids milk for breakfast. Just be careful…those leprechauns can be a bit mischievous.


3.       Make Some Lucky Treats. Cereal treats are always a favorite, even for the picky eaters. Mix it up a little for St. Patrick’s Day by using Lucky Charms cereal with your tried and true cereal treats recipe.



4.       Create Green Crafts. Nothing brightens up the home better than some holiday-themed crafts. An easy craft to make is a Leprechaun Hat. All you have to do is paint a flower pot green, turn it upside down, and add some accents of your choice. Use black ribbon for a belt around the middle or add a four-leaf clover.


5.       Eat Like the Irish. Cornbeef and Hash isn’t for everyone, but you can still add some Irish flair to your dinner table. Make cheesy bacon potatoes in the crockpot. For the easy and delicious recipe, go here.

For more St. Patrick’s Day fun, be sure to visit Little Fawn’s Pinterest board. May you and your family enjoy this lucky day!