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Catching Up with Fawnzie: Spring Changes

Jennifer RinggerComment

I want to share with you today a story that happened to me just this morning.

As I was cuddling up in a ball and letting the warm rising sun wash over me, I opened my eyes and right in front of my face a beautiful yellow daffodil had opened up wide and was staring right at me!

“Hello Mrs Daffodil, it is so good to see you!” I said.

“Hello Fawnzie!” Said the flower.  

Now you humans might find it hard to believe that plants can talk, but that's only because you can’t hear them. As a little fawn I speak with plants all the time (except the plants I’m about to eat; it’s not a good idea to talk with your food). “I can’t believe you are out already. Is spring finally here?” I asked.

“It is here and not a moment too soon. I have been cramped up in that tiny bulb all winter long. It feels so good to stretch my pedals and breathe the crisp spring air.” She replied. “My favorite thing about Spring,” she continued, “is seeing all the changes that have taken place since I was out last.”

“Well, what do you see?” I asked her.

She looked around. Slowly turning her beautiful yellow face from left then to the right. “I see bright colors and …… that?..... Ooohhhhh….” She said squinting her little yellow eyes as she peered into the distant rising sun. “I see big changes coming.”

 “What? Where?” I asked, “What are you looking at?”

 “It’s spring, Fawnzie, changes are taking place.” Her gentle tone calmed me. “Big changes are coming, but don’t be scared. They are wonderful changes. You can’t see them yet but they are already in the works.”  She turned her happy face toward me now. “You will have to be patient Fawnzie. You might not see all the big changes until later this summer but soon you will see new things for yourself and you will be as excited as I am for what lays ahead.”