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Meet Fawnzie

Jennifer RinggerComment

I wanted to tell you a little about who I am. My name is Fawnzie and you may have seen me around. I’m that little fawn that hangs out on all the pages around here. Because I spend so much time on every page at Little Fawn Clothing I have seen it all. From the very beginning I was a fan of the Eliza Dress and was shocked to see the amazing deal they just offered on it recently. I should say how low the price got was what shocked me not the fact that they had a special deal going. They do deals a lot around here. That's why after all this time I still don’t get bored looking around the site. All the time they are surprising me with something great - maybe a huge savings on something classic or a totally cute picture of a new item that just makes my spots tingle!  

 It’s a funny story how I ended up here. It all started last spring. I decided to try giving this internet shopping a try; after all it is a bit of a trip to get to town and a little deer in the big city is less than ideal. Well, I soon realized that I could have practically everything I needed and millions of things I didn’t need shipped right to me - it was amazing! On top of getting all my shopping done, I also discovered that the rulers of the internet go by the title Kardashian and that the word Google must translate as “all knowing.”

Anyway, as I was looking around I realized that the internet loves cats and then I saw something that blew me away. It was a cat wearing a sweater! Apparently it is totally acceptable now for animals to wear clothes. I was ecstatic! The further I looked the more I saw, cats, dogs, even a bear wearing blue jeans and a wide brimmed hat (I still don’t know why he told me I’m the only one who can prevent wildfires. It seems like someone with thumbs would have a whole lot better chance at it.) All these animals in clothes got me thinking I needed to jazz it up with some stylish threads so I asked the all knowing Google to find me “little fawn clothing” and that omnipotent Google took me right here. I love the clothes, I can’t get enough of them, but I still am not fully convinced that they will fit me right. After all both the Madeline and Emma pant only have two leg holes.