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Getting to Know Little Fawn Clothing

Jennifer RinggerComment

Some years ago, in 2009, two cousins decided they wanted to start a business venture together. Six years later, in 2015, Little Fawn Clothing was born. The Little Fawn brand, like its name, has a flavor and style all its own. From its very conception, Little Fawn has been about children…playful, active, vibrant, and always changing. The brand exudes fun, fresh, playful, active, and a wholesome perspective of the world.

Those who have discovered Little Fawn Clothing already have come to love the playful and unique children’s clothing designs. For those who are just getting to know the brand, it’s time to learn more about Little Fawn Clothing and the inspiration behind the brand from this Q&A with the company’s designer.

Question: Who/what is your inspiration for Little Fawn?

Answer: The inspiration for Little Fawn comes from my mom and my grandmother. My mom is the one who taught me how to sew.

I’m also inspired by my young niece, Eliza. She said a dress isn’t a dress unless she can see it twirl. The Eliza dress was named after my niece.

Question: Why is it important to you that your clothing is made in the USA?

Answer: We are a family business and we want to support family-owned businesses. We love the factory we partner with and want to support them. We especially love that this factory is owned by two brothers because family is so important to us. Most factories in the United States have gone out of business now because of manufacturing being sent overseas. We want to keep this factory, that we love, in business.

Question: Why did you decide to start Little Fawn?

Answer: My cousin and I wanted to partner on a project. In 2009, we started talking about business ideas. It took us a few years to develop our ideas and get the foundation in place. Now, we’re so excited to share Little Fawn, our idea that started forming over 6 years ago, with the world.

Question: What is your design philosophy?

Answer: I want Little Fawn clothing to last so I design to have the clothing last. Our children’s clothes are built to last in both styling and materials. It’s about practical luxury and inspired design.

We love to mix colors, patterns, prints, and textures. The results are unmistakably Little Fawn. We do this so you can enjoy an exuberant mix of color and pattern.

Question: Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs?

Answer: First, you have to have passion. Sewing is my passion and I still sew all of the samples for Little Fawn from my home in San Francisco. It’s my love for sewing that connects me to this project. You will work ridiculously hard so if you don’t have passion, you won’t be excited for the work. However much time you think you’re going to spend on your new business, double that time.

At Little Fawn Clothing, it’s about more than simply dressing our children. We believe the ordinary just won’t do. When you want your little one to stand out in beautiful, unique clothing, Little Fawn is your choice.