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From the Design Studio: Inspiration

Jacob KopenheferComment

Inspiration is key to so many aspects of life. From finding the perfect shade to paint your living room walls to finding the perfect career. It all takes a willingness to be inspired. Open eyes, open heart, and finally a bit of patience is often required to let inspiration flow.

At Little Fawn Clothing our design team is inspired by many ideas, thoughts, images, and life moments. While the inspiration can evolve, shaped gradually from many different influences, the origin is almost always traceable to a few common sources. We find fresh ideas and inspiring thoughts through music, old movies and pictures, and our families - specifically all of the adorable kids that surround us.

For the upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 season our creative process relied heavily on inspiration from our families. As a team we sat down and talked about the qualities we love most about the wonderful children in our lives. One niece is just a bundle of giggles and smiles, often bursting into an impromptu dance with no reason other than loving life and just being too happy to hold still. Another niece is a gorgeous dancer who conveys grace both on and off the stage. And a little cousin is the most adventurous explorer who cannot get enough of examining everything in the world around him.

As we talked about the wonderful qualities each of these kids possessed, we started to get a good idea of the design direction we wanted to go. After discussing a few ideas, we landed on an overall theme for the season that would serve as our muse as we developed each design. With those qualities as our foundation, we rounded out the designs by looking through a lot of images (…thank you, Pinterest, where would we be without you!?!...) and collected the images we found to be a visual definition of our theme.

My favorite image is of a calm forest of aspen trees that has shed their leaves for the fall leaving a blanket of vibrant orange on the forest floor. There is no violence, pollution, judgment or danger. I imagine this as a place where kids play carefree. I see it as a place where they jump into piles of leaves. A place where they sit on a cozy blanket and have a picnic with those they love. A place where their families can sit quietly and reflect on all of the beauties this world wants to show us but we are often to harried to see.

We let the childhood qualities, in culmination with the images, guide us as we chose the fabrics and trims that would best tell the season’s story. If we’ve done our job right you will be able to judge which designs are the graceful dancer, the silly wiggle worm, and the precocious explorer.

Our goal is to have our stories and designs inspire you to create long-lasting family memories. Have that picnic in the forest, even if the forest is your own apartment. Create that safe and caring environment where not only memories are cultivated but children also. Respect, kindness, and love is the sun, soil, and rain that transforms the seed of a child into the most desirable fruit of humanity.  

Inspiration is all around us, just open your eyes and look at this amazing world! Find a quiet spot and write down what adventures you want for your family. When you look for inspiration it’s hard to miss.