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Introducing: the Norma Skirt and the Story Behind It

Seth JeppesenComment

We have a new skirt at Little Fawn Clothing that we have lovingly named, “The Norma Skirt.” All of the names we give our adorable children’s clothes have a special meaning, but this one has a deeper connection to me. It’s no coincidence that we are releasing this skirt in conjunction with our Mother’s Day Special. Norma was my grandmother. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

Norma enjoyed the outdoors, especially fishing. 

Norma was widowed at a young age and raised four daughters on her own. Despite being a single mother, Norma still made the time to pass on to her four beautiful girls her amazing talents. Among her many talents were cooking and sewing.

Norma passed on the typical homemaking skills many other mothers do, but at a level far above average. Norma was an amazing chef. It was said said that, "Norma could taste like a dog could smell." Even in her 90's she could taste a sauce and tell you exactly which spice from your cabinet had lost its freshness.  

Norma was also a master seamstress. She made everything from simple aprons to elegant gowns and taught her daughters to do the same. Norma sewed elegant draperies that hung over the windows of their home. Her young daughters wore cute clothes that were not only made by Norma, but by themselves as well. She passed on to her progeny an eye for style and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and hard work. Norma’s oldest daughter, my mother, sewed all her own clothes all the way through her high school days. My mother didn't sew out of necessity, but because Norma had taught her how to make something more valuable and more beautiful than what was available for purchase.

As far as fashion was concerned, there wasn't much available in their small town of La Grande, OR. After my mother graduated school, she decided she wanted to solve that problem of fashion deprivation. Norma helped my mother open “The Village Shop” and all through the 1970’s Norma and her girls brought fresh and trending fashion to the town.

Before Norma passed away in 2010, I had made many memories with my grandmother and had the privilege of learning the art of fashion and clothing from both her and my mother. They instilled a passion and skill set in me that has led me to my successful career in fashion design. I love my job and love what I do. On a daily basis, I live in San Francisco and design for a big-name label, but my passion and my heritage lies here in my personal project. Little Fawn Clothing is the next generation in the storyful genealogy of quality fashion crafted in the USA.

The Norma Skirt from LIttle Fawn Clothing.

It has been my privilege to share with you with a little bit about my grandmother’s story and I am proud to offer the Norma Skirt. I hope when you see your daughter or granddaughter wearing this skirt, you will see all the same things I do: beauty, style, and playfulness. But most importantly, I hope you see the power and strength that comes from generations of family love.